Episode 31

Published on:

14th Feb 2022

Marketing meets the family office sector

Edward Marshall, Global Head of the Family Office Group, is joined by April Rudin. April is a widely acknowledged marketing strategist for the financial services sector. Her firm leads marketing campaigns for some of the largest wealth management firms and family offices. Together, they discuss how single family offices, multifamily offices, and advisors to the private client space should think about marketing and strategy. They also discuss how advisors and multifamily offices can present unique value propositions in a crowded space. The conversation includes April’s ideas on strategic communication tips for single family offices and families who want to develop a brand strategy.

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Family Office Intel
Family Office Intel
In a series of podcasts, we discuss developments currently shaping the industry and actionable ideas for advisors, executives, and families. We share uncommon knowledge, from insiders, for the modern family office. If you’d like to get in touch with our guests or have any questions, please send an email to familyoffice@dentons.com. To sign up for our newsletters and learn more about our solutions and research in the family office space, check out our website: www.dentons.com/familyoffice.

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